Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Locally Published! Great Reads and Listens For Christmas

At Sweets Workshop we love supporting local and have a great selection of locally published goodies for everyone this Christmas. All these and more available in store now.

A. The Animator by Peter Warrington and Rachel Williams (Not Quite Newtown) - $30
Not Quite Newtown’s fourth street art book for kids is out now - and it’s a mystery novel! The Animator is set in Sydney's Inner West. It features 30 street artists primarily from the area and atmospheric photos of Newtown and surrounds. It’s hardcover and 136 pages. Suggested age range is 9-12.

B. The Lovers by Catherine Rey and Published by Sydney Based Gazebo Books - $24.99
The Lovers is an arresting tale, a mystery with a slow burn tension, which revolves around the disappearance of Lucie Bruyère. The novel unveils the truth about her charismatic yet subtly controlling partner, the world-famous artist Ernest Renfield. The suspenseful story, both police investigation and multi-voiced Rashomon, ends in a dramatic and powerful illumination.

C. The Houses of the Ashfield District - Ashfield History No. 21 Journal Of The Ashfield & District Historical Society - $25
A new collection of articles written about homes of the Inner West “Some 16 individual homes are featured here: we have not only their architecture but also their gardens their contents their builders owners and occupiers even unexpected enlightening visitors whereby one by one they become a complex historical entity.”

D. Scratch 'N' Sniff by The Sticker Club - $15
Inner West based band The Sticker Club are making the toddler-friendly garage pop you didn't know your kids needed. With healthy doses of clarinet, trombone and wah wah guitar, they're ABC KIDS' newest music superstars. Do yourself a favor and wrap your ears around their brand new album.

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