Saturday, January 31, 2015

Upcoming Exhibitions at Sweets Workshop

Our exhibition season will be off to a flying start this March for art month. There are creative events all over Sydney for you to check out some diverse artistic talent.

14th March until 14th April 2015
A World of Beasts by Benconservato

We will be hosting a new exhibition, A World of Beasts by Benconservato (a.k.a Emma Kidd) for Spectrum Now. Spectrum Now is 'dedicated to bringing the broad-ranging and vibrant cultural and artistic life of Sydney to the streets'.

Emma has been drawing and crafting hand-painted creatures and beasties for many years, her show  creates a believable world of fantasy for everyone to dwell in and take home.

Sunday 29th April 2015
Create Your Own Beast Workshop with Benconservato

On Sunday 29th Emma Kidd will be running a small workshop at Sweets Workshop where you can create your own Hinged Beast, details will be announced in February for bookings. This is a special event for the MOST Event (Marrickville Open Studio Trail). Our gallery will be open on Saturday 28th and Sunday 29th of March to welcome people on the arts trail.

18th April until 12th May
Last Light by Marilyn Walters

In April Marilyn Walters will turning the sun down on Sweets Workshop. Her exhibition 'Last Light' will use the motif of the setting sun to explore the playful interaction of light on different surfaces and objects.

We will be interviewing both Emma Kidd and Marilyn Walters a little closer to their exhibitions, where we will show you a little more about their processes and concepts.

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  1. I've known the Sweets Workshop to offer lovely programmes for the kids and there's always a lot of fun and games in storage for them whenever something has been arranged! It's a lovely activity weekend thing to do in Sydney.


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