Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Food Fight - The Festive Feast Artists & writers revealed

Our 4th annual Food Fight exhibition and calendar launch is on this Sunday 13th Oct for the Summer Hill Neighbourhood Feast, which is part of Sydney's Good Food Month

The fabulous artists and writers to check out in this 2013's Food Fight event are:

John D-C
I am a Graphic Designer, Illustrator and Toy Customiser. I use a mix of traditional hand-generated techniques along with digital processes to achieve a look that is new but that also has a very vintage commercial illustrative feel to it. I like to fill my creative work with colourful references to popular culture taken from my many hobbies and interests which usually include a healthy combination of comic books, 1980’s cinema, rock and roll music, vintage action figures, 1950’s movie posters and Saturday morning cartoons.

Emmajane Illustration
Emma Simmons is an illustrator and graphic designer. As a compulsive collector of shapes, textures, patterns and fabrics, I have a huge source of inspiration to draw from – but I need a bigger cupboard. Much of my work is collage based, I relish getting away from the computer and doing things by hand. 

Bev Malzard
Bev Malzard is a woman of significant age. For decades, even before the new millennium, she has worked as a journo, mainly in travel writing. In her journeys she has always been on the lookout for great food. She eats it, photographs it and writes about it. Sweet and savoury: but sweet wins her heart every time – she thinks there should be a little sugar in everyone’s life.

Bonnie Boogaard
Bonnie Boogaard is a Perth based artist whose love for food inspires her watercolour paintings and sculpture work. She likes to create fun and happy artwork that can be enjoyed by a large audience. Bonnie gained her Bachelor of Arts from Curtin University in 2010, studied her honours in Paris in 2011 and has been creating food based art ever since.

Carmen Hui
An illustrator from Sydney’s Inner West, Carmen is very much inspired by animals and nature. Often working with mixed media, her work is very much influenced by early botanical and anatomical drawings. When she is not drawing, you will very likely find her either crafting like a crazy nanna or sharing milky tea with her cat Miso.

Dianne Conlon
I’ve loved arts and crafts forever, my playroom is overflowing with stuff ready for whatever inspiration comes to mind. New materials to experiment with is my guilty pleasure but the traditional crafts should not be ignored either. Practice, practice, practice and have fun is the best advice ever given.

Emma Kidd (Benconservato)
Emma Kidd works in a room of black painted paper, paint, metal brads & disjointed limbs. Full pieces of paper & scraps litter most surfaces in her flat (she even finds paper pieces in bed). She carefully creates each body, feather and expression, then pieces them together to create creatures that wriggle & dance.

Glenn Harvey
Glenn has 17 years’ experience producing unique designs that give clients a point of difference. Glenn has produced work for Disney, Mattel, Virgin and a number of small businesses. In Beaster Egg, his two great loves - chocolate and design, have finally come together.

Julie Mia Holmes
Julie is a printmaker and artist who lives on the South Coast of NSW.   When she’s not pecking about her studio making feathered and furry work she earns her feed moonlighting as a bookseller & wholefoods retailer.

Kate Allan
Vegetarian. Animal lover. Baker. Sewer. When she’s not being Mrs Sprout of Sprout & Bean catering, she’s fighting the dogs for the couch, the cats for the bed, chasing the chickens and making treats for her husband. She can be found teapot in hand, looking after all of them in a rust coloured cottage on top of a mountain. If she’s not in the garden growing beans, she’s wielding a knife in the kitchen murdering carrots.

Meredith Walker-Harding
Part time puppeteer, tour organiser & ukelele player; full time tea drinker, pineapple enthusiast, crafter and sweet treat baker for Sprout & Bean catering.