Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Snack Attack Artists & Writers Announced!

John D-C 
John Debono-Cullen is a graphic artist & his creative projects are heavily influenced by his many interests & hobbies. These usually include a healthy combination of bric-a-brac, screen printing, rock & roll dancing, blues piano, velvet dinner jackets, art deco theatres, record shopping, the creations of Jim Henson, ten pin bowling, the hohner harmonica, 1979 bedford short wheel based vans, print gocco, vintage comic books, white elephant stalls, animation, drive-in movies & Cuba.

Emmajane illustration 
Emma Simmons is an illustrator & graphic designer. As a compulsive collector of shapes, textures, patterns & fabrics, I have a huge source of inspiration to draw from – but I need a bigger cupboard. Much of my work is collage based, I relish getting away from the computer and doing things by hand. 

Amanda Kelshaw
Happiest when trawling through mint condition, vintage magazine finds and serendipitously stumbling upon the twee, the typographical and other word meets design jackpots from original sources. This fine tooth comb is Robert Rauschenberg meets Nigella Lawson at a mid-century soirée.

Anais Taylor 
Anais Taylor is a designer & illustrator inspired by nature and her local farmers markets. She aims to create art to inspire people to live more seasonally and sustainably. 

Emma Kidd works in a room of black painted paper, paint, metal brads & disjointed limbs. Full pieces of paper & scraps litter most surfaces in her flat (she even finds paper pieces in bed). She carefully creates each body, feather & expression, then pieces them together to create creatures that wriggle & dance.  

Bev Malzard 
Bev Malzard is a woman of significant age. For decades, even before the new millennium, she has worked as a journo, mainly in travel writing. In her journeys she has always been on the lookout for great food. She eats it, photographs it and writes about it. Sweet and savoury: but sweet wins her heart every time – she thinks there should be a little sugar in everyone’s life. 

Bonnie Boogaard 
I see that different foods like different people each have their own personality. I like to create situations involving these food characters that are humorous and relatable. I have been working with food in my art for the last 3 years in both watercolour & sculpture. Food is a great passion of mine, as well as an easily relatable subject for the public. 

Carmen Hui
Carmen Hui is an illustrator/graphic designer from Sydney's Inner West. With a compulsive obsession to document and illustrate everything around her, Carmen attempts to shine a new light on what most people over look and consider ordinary.

Dawn Tan 
With an immense love for food, Melbourne artist & illustrator Dawn Tan creates art inspired by all things delicious. Her work has been featured in magazines & publications such as Frankie Magazine, Yen Magazine and InsideOut and on notable blogs such as The Design Files, Finders Keepers Blog and Desktop Magazine. Ranging from giant food sculptures, to meaty pillowcases, ice cream softies, recipe paintings & even melamine wares; Dawn is unstoppable when it comes to dreaming & whipping up food inspired art! 

Fiona Roderick 
I am a printmaker, usually creating prints of the harbour & flora and fauna, but have been drawn to collage recently; strangely as much as I am drawn to dark chocolate. So a collage using chocolate wrappers was the perfect combination. 

Genevieve Carr & David Graham 
David Graham & Genevieve Carr are a Newcastle and Summer Hill based couple. Their work is a collaboration between David’s writing and Genevieve’s visual art which capture an absurd & surreal vision of the world. Currently completing an honours in Arts & Fine Art respectively they intend to continue working together in 2013 in a series of different formats. 

Herbert & Friends 
Herbert & Friends is a Sydney based softie label created by artist Torunn Higgins. Combining her love of nature, fabric and design, Torunn’s creations take on a life of their own. Her range of softies brings together an odd collection of friends, from turtles to alpacas & anteaters. These quirky characters get up to all kinds of mischief & each one comes with a little account of their latest adventure. The creatures are handmade using recycled felt, up-cycled & new cotton fabrics.

Kate Allan
Vegetarian. Cat lover. Baker. Sewer. When she’s not being Mrs Sprout of Sprout & Bean catering, Kate is looking after her handyman husband & several furry & feathered kids in a rust coloured cottage on top of a mountain. If she’s not busy in the garden growing beans, she’s wielding a knife in the kitchen murdering carrots. 

Lily Edelstein
I’m a 16 year old living in Haberfield, gradually filling my family home with zombies, vampires & morbid imagery. I have a tendency to describe skulls & bats as adorable, & to give impromptu lectures on issues surrounding gender. Teenage goth I may be, using my interests to represent themes I have opinions on: inequality, ignorance, selfishness and materialism frequent my creations. 

Mahani Del Borrello 
With a background in graphic design & photography, Mahani is used to creating artwork with the aid of machines. Feeling nostalgic for a simpler life & with a desire to add more hand-crafted elements to her work, Mahani has begun experimenting with illustration and various printing techniques. Mahani is currently studying printmaking at COFA & aims to incorporate her love of design & photography into her prints. 

Meredith Walker-Harding
Part time puppeteer, tour organiser & ukelele player; full time tea drinker, pineapple enthusiast, crafter & sweet treat baker for Sprout & Bean catering.

Narelle Adair Coxhead
I’m a freelance designer and illustrator who lives in the Inner West. I like working both by hand and with my trusty old Mac. For some years I've participated in print portfolio exchanges and group exhibitions with digital works, but this year I’ve done some workshops in traditional printmaking and hope to build on these skills. I’ve worked as a graphic artist/illustrator and studied both visual arts and textile design. My current interests include retro fabrics, 1950’s design; the Paisley motif and the textural possibilities of monotypes. A fan of the still-life genre, I’m fascinated by the strange Dutch Vanitas paintings of the 17th century. 

Nia May
My papercuts illustrate a curious, two-dimensional world foxes, teapots, skeletons, birds & little girls lost. There are no brushstrokes or subtle distinctions of tone & shade in this place – only the edge the scalpel creates – evoking a benign kind of humour & wistfulness for the folly and fantasy of childhood. I make them by using a sharp knife while drinking lots of tea; and my house is often filled with confetti.

Sheree Evelina 
Sheree Evelina is a brand designer and illustrator with a passion for drawing black & white pencil sketches: while sitting in her sunny room in the attic beside her monkey toy; chatting with people in the park/café and munching on her favourite snack, muesli with yogurt. She feels happiest when creating illustrations that tell stories and make people smile.

I am Katy Dee and I'm a human magpie, if I were a bird I would live in a nest the size of the moon. I love to collect, stamp, mix, stick and sew to create handmade eclectic shiz. I love nothing more than to rummage in an op-shop to find old and special things to make into something new. I wish they could tell us their story, where they have been and what they have seen. Using a mixture of new and found things I mix it all up to make a shiztastical item...whether it be jewellery, homeware or a soft furnishing.

Why Not James
The story of Why Not James is true in my mind, I remember being told many years ago that my naming was left right up to when the last minute was called. I imagine this, the moment my parents said Why not James? Why Not James, for everyone deserves their 15 minutes of fame.