Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Call out for FOOD FIGHT submissions 2012

The SNACK ATTACK – Edition
Food Fight is a yearly collaborative exhibition and accompanying publication produced by Sweets Workshop. The publication will be taking on an exciting all new format, which we will talk more about in the coming weeks!  Food Fight is all about food, pitting image against text, recipe against illustration, photograph against story. In the ring this year – SNACK ATTACK!!

We’re calling for submissions from artists and writers to contribute to the exhibition and publication. What we’re looking for are illustrations, design, photography, recipes, stories, poems and so on, that focus on the theme Snack Attack. It could be about your favourite snack, place to snack or an attack of the snack! 

The exhibition will run from 7th of October to 14th November 2012, with the launch of the publication on the 7th to co-inside with the Summer Hill Food Fair. YUM! The publication will be a limited edition print run. To have a look at what was on offer in previous years for  The Sweet Tooth Edition and The Pack a Picnic Edition.

If your artwork is selected it may feature in the publication and/or the exhibition (where it can be offered for sale). Any written piece or artwork chosen to be included in the Food Fight publication or exhibition will receive a free copy of the publication. 
 Submissions close on the 1st of September 2012. Email us your entry as a low res electronic file (pdf or jpg) to info@sweetsworkshop.com. If your work is chosen, we will contact you for high res files. If working digitally please make sure you work to 300dpi, and if working by hand we can organise high res scans. Please feel free to forward this invitation to anyone you think might be interested in contributing. 

For those of you who don’t know about Sweets Workshop we are a retail art gallery which exhibits and stocks art, decorative objects, giftware and independent publications with a strong focus on locally handmade items. Located in Summer Hill, our aim is to offer the community something original, sweet and within reach. We have a dedicated exhibition space, which can feature one particular artist/designer, object, artistic process or theme at a time. The exhibitions change regularly to incorporate as many artists and designers as possible. For information about us please visit our website www.sweetsworkshop.com

The selection criteria for Food Fight will be at the discretion of Sweets Workshop. 

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Interview with Crafter Katy Dee

The exhibition 'Stitchester' runs from 
14th July – 14th August 2012

What's the concept behind your exhibition and what can people expect to find in your show?
Stitchester is a fictional fabric village.

I wanted to create a tactile, fun and colourful experience using some of my favourite fabrics and materials to bring back nostalgic memories for myself and others.

People will find whimsical treats from the lolly shop, house and fruit shaped cushions to sculptures and Illustrations of the village itself.

What are the mediums and processes you use to create your works?
Each piece is a unique one off. I sketch and design the ideas of the shapes I would like to make then I hand-make a pattern for each item. Each one has a different process depending on the details. The details on the pieces are always done first then I sew it and up stuff it. The little sculptures are free-form patterns usually, finished with a brooch pin hand-sewn onto the back or left alone as a soft sculpture.

I have used a variety of fabrics, beans and stuffing. Choosing and matching the fabrics is a huge part of the process as I like to take time and care to think about what looks and works best together.

You use some lovely patterns and materials, where do you find them?
I love old fabrics and sourcing them... I trawl through op-shops and garage sales, and online stores selling vintage items to find kitsch/chintzy/fun fabric, the bolder and brighter the better! I do have a bit of a thing for floral patterns. I also use newer fabrics as you can’t always find what you need, but I try to buy handmade or vintage whenever I can. It adds something special to a piece and makes it even more unique.

When did you start creating soft sculptures?
About a year and a half ago I started making soft birds, hearts and shapes which have ranged in size from small to very big. I love starting with a sketch or just an idea in my head then making it 3D and somehow more real. It is like giving it life! It’s very exciting filling it up and seeing how it takes shape.

How would you describe your style?
Quirky, colourful and fun. I have always loved bold and bright colours and am known for clashing things together which is dominant in my work. I like to mix and match, play with scale and have fun. I like my work to be enjoyed more than appreciated.

What inspires your work?
I am always looking for inspiration, I read a lot of blogs and am always on the net gawking at something pretty. I also like to get out there and just look. For this project in particular I found myself leaving craft corner to explore the Sydney suburbs for different styles of buildings.

Colour, print and texture inspire me every day.

I have always been inspired by handmade craft and traditional methods with a modern twist. I believe the things we own and wear should be as unique as us. This inspires me to create and to learn new skills.

Stitchester is a whimsical nostalgic memory of English villages captured in fabric, I am from a small town on the south coast of England, surrounded by villages that are very cute, very individual and very old. I enjoyed thinking about visiting Stitchester and the unique things I would like to buy there. I wanted to make these ideas real in fabric for me, and as a tactile experience for others.