Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Interview with artist John D-C

An exhibition monstrously mashing two of the
artists favorite subjects:
The Monsters of Popular Culture &
The Golden Age of Rock and Roll.

19th November - 14th December

What is the concept behind Haunted House Rock, and what can people expect to
find in your show?
Haunted House Rock is a hideously, abominable creation, in which I monstrously mash two of my favourite subjects: The monsters of popular culture & The golden age of Rock and Roll!

In the exhibition I also tell the story of the rise and fall of a character I created a few years ago called Frankie. I tell his story by looking back at his life through memorabilia, paraphernalia and ephemera which I have created and displayed to resemble a Pseudo-Museum Exhibition.

The Exhibition consists of Original Drawing and
Paintings, Limited Edition Giclee and Gocco Prints as well as Customised Toys.

Tell us a little more about the character you created called Frankie
Frankie is basically a fun mash up I created between my favourite popular culture Monster, Frankenstein and the King of Rock and Roll. The Idea for Frankie came from a sketch and subsequent print I did a few years ago. I've also always kinda felt Elvis had a disproportionally large forehead. I feel that if Frankie were to have a page on Wikipedia it would read a little something like this:

Elvis Aaron Frankenstein was a singer and actor who could arguably neither sing nor act. A cultural icon, he is commonly known simply as Frankie and is also sometimes referred to as The Modern Prometheus of Rock 'n' Roll as many attribute him as single-handedly taking Rock 'n' Roll to the masses.

Frankie had many hit songs such as: That’s All Wrong (Mama), Raise Hell Hotel, Good Hauntin’ Tonight, I Forgot To Remember To Kill, Do Be Cruel, Spook Me Tender, Blue Suede Shackles, All Shocked Up, Are You Gruesome Tonight? and Suspicious Brains.

Frankie quickly became a teenage idol and went on to become a Hollywood star in his own right. He starred in a total of 31 films including: Fear in Acapulco, Harum Scare'em, A.I. Blues, Flaming Torch, Haunted House Rock, Ghouls, Ghouls, Ghouls, Paradise Transylvanian Style, Follow That Brains, Killin' Cousins, Ghoul Happy, Undead In The Country, Brainbake, Stay Away Monster, Live A Little Die A Little, The Trouble With Ghouls, Viva Las Vengeance, Scareway, The Bride of Frankie & Johnny and It Happened At A Burning Mill.

During the height of his career the world was gripped with Frankie Fever and Frankie's image was used to sell everything from lightning rods to platform shoes he even had his own line of hair care products.

Sadly, health problems, prescription drug dependence and angry mobs of peasants with fire torches plagued the star in his later life leading to his untimely death at an early age.

"...I was also influenced by the art of early 1950's rock 'n roll bill and film posters..."
Stay tuned Tuesday to read more from this interview with John D-C's about his exhibition Haunted House Rock.

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