Tuesday, October 18, 2011

A little bit from emerging artist Sheree Evelina and her cute submission for FOOD FIGHT:

My artwork for FOOD FIGHT:

Hello, my name is Sheree Evelina. I am a graphic designer and illustrator based in Sydney. I began drawing my entry for 'FOOD FIGHT – the Pack a Picnic edition', at Hyde Park in Sydney. It was a beautiful, warm and sunny morning. Spring had arrived!

I thought about what I would prepare for my own picnic with loved ones. The home made dishes I would make, and all the other little things I would take, such as a sun umbrella, a cute teddy bear for the little ones, and a summer hat with the pretty ribbon!

I drew each item one by one. I enjoyed drawing everything on my picnic list, it warmed my heart.

When I finished drawing everything, I went home and scanned them all to compose my artwork. Something went wrong, all of the items started to float! “Oh noooo, not now!”

I was panicked... I hastily drew some strings to tie all of the floating objects to the picnic basket! I then drew and colored 4 balloons with drops of watercolor and attached them to the basket! Voila! The picnic was ready to float to the sky, taking all the warmth, joy, togetherness, and happiness of a simple picnic UP UP and AWAY... to wherever it may land :)

About my Illustration style:

Most of my drawings are black and white pencil sketches. These can range from messy to tidy, from a simple doodle to detailed illustration. I love drawing by hand, it make every illustration feel warm. I believe the most powerful technique in creating an illustration is to put your heart and happiness into it – it will touch others’ hearts.

I mostly draw for children and women. When adding colour to my illustrations, I prefer to use watercolor. I also love to add Trompe-l'œil and Borges’ Baroque Illusionism style into my drawings, combining photography, torn papers, typography, water drip, etc. Creating a humble illusion can touch everyone’s imagination.

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