Sunday, October 16, 2011

FOOD FIGHT! An art exhibition & publication launch

Food Fight is fast approaching! The Pack a Picnic Edition will launch this Sunday, the 23rd of October, coinciding with the Summer Hill Grand Food Bazaar, for the Crave Sydney Food Festival.

Food Fight is a yearly collaborative exhibition and accompanying publication produced by Sweets Workshop. Food Fight is all about food – pitting image against text, recipe against illustration, photograph against story. We would like to thank all of the artists and writers who contributed to this years upcoming event.

Our list of talented contributors includes:
Emmajane Illustration, John D-C, Anais Taylor, Benconservato, Bethany Carlsson, Cory Child, Dawn Tan, FoolHouse, Grace Teoh, Hayden Youlley, Herbert & Friends, Jen Allison, Matthew Roland, Meredith Walker-Harding, Narelle Coxhead, Nia May, Olivia Simmons, Sheree Evelina and Whiskers Lane

We would also like to thank our sponsors K.W. Doggett and R.M. Gregory printing for their support in producing the 2011 Food Fight Pack a Picnic edition.

Food Fight runs from the 23rd October - 16th November, we hope to see you in the gallery.

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