Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Ceramic artist Hayden Youlley talks about his FOOD FIGHT submission

My creation for FOOD FIGHT:
"Only on paper has humanity yet achieved glory, beauty, truth, knowledge, virtue, and abiding love."
– George Bernard Shaw

This work is about using material to create a tactile experience. The simple random distribution of creases in the paper surface of the objects creates complex patterns of light, shade and texture that disturb the smooth surrounds and invite study and touch.

About my ceramic work:
I am influenced by an appreciation of life’s vast and diverse experiences and the importance of growing and learning from these, I use the lightness, translucency, mimicry and texture of porcelain to push the material and my skills to find a convergence of crafting and concept, in perfect synchronicity.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

A little bit from emerging artist Sheree Evelina and her cute submission for FOOD FIGHT:

My artwork for FOOD FIGHT:

Hello, my name is Sheree Evelina. I am a graphic designer and illustrator based in Sydney. I began drawing my entry for 'FOOD FIGHT – the Pack a Picnic edition', at Hyde Park in Sydney. It was a beautiful, warm and sunny morning. Spring had arrived!

I thought about what I would prepare for my own picnic with loved ones. The home made dishes I would make, and all the other little things I would take, such as a sun umbrella, a cute teddy bear for the little ones, and a summer hat with the pretty ribbon!

I drew each item one by one. I enjoyed drawing everything on my picnic list, it warmed my heart.

When I finished drawing everything, I went home and scanned them all to compose my artwork. Something went wrong, all of the items started to float! “Oh noooo, not now!”

I was panicked... I hastily drew some strings to tie all of the floating objects to the picnic basket! I then drew and colored 4 balloons with drops of watercolor and attached them to the basket! Voila! The picnic was ready to float to the sky, taking all the warmth, joy, togetherness, and happiness of a simple picnic UP UP and AWAY... to wherever it may land :)

About my Illustration style:

Most of my drawings are black and white pencil sketches. These can range from messy to tidy, from a simple doodle to detailed illustration. I love drawing by hand, it make every illustration feel warm. I believe the most powerful technique in creating an illustration is to put your heart and happiness into it – it will touch others’ hearts.

I mostly draw for children and women. When adding colour to my illustrations, I prefer to use watercolor. I also love to add Trompe-l'œil and Borges’ Baroque Illusionism style into my drawings, combining photography, torn papers, typography, water drip, etc. Creating a humble illusion can touch everyone’s imagination.

All about our FOOD FIGHT artists

Emmajane Illustration
Emma Simmons is an illustrator and graphic designer. As a compulsive collector of shapes, textures, patterns and fabrics, I have a huge source of inspiration to draw from – but I need a bigger cupboard. Much of my work is collage based, I relish getting away from the computer and doing things by hand.

John D-C
John Debono-Cullen is a graphic artist and his creative projects are heavily influenced by his many interests and hobbies. These usually include a healthy combination of bric-a-brac, screen printing, rock & roll dancing, blues piano, velvet dinner jackets, art deco theatres, record shopping, the creations of Jim Henson, ten pin bowling, the hohner harmonica, 1979 Bedford short wheel based vans, print gocco, vintage comic books, white elephant stalls, animation, drive-in movies and Cuba.

Anais Taylor
Anais Taylor is a designer and illustrator inspired by nature and her local farmers markets. She aims to create art to inspire people to live more seasonally and sustainably. She is currently completing her second calendar of seasonal produce featuring her drawings of organic fruit and vegetables and filled with ideas for living with the seasons.

Benconservato is the alias of Emma Kidd, an artist/illustrator. She has travelled and lived in Europe and a land of mythical animals. Her heart is still in both, despite loving being back in Australia. She encourages you to find your inner monster.

Bethany Carlsson
Wife of a swedish dreamboat, mother of gorgeous Audrey, avid baker, reader of pretty blogs, cookbook collector, Earl Grey addict, dinner table decorator and flower arranger.

Cory Child
Cory Child was conjured up by Sydney architectural graduate, Cory Hartono with the aim to create statement pieces for those romantic whimsies.

Cory is a constant dreamer and believer, travel enthusiast, and works primarily in architecture during broad light. She loves making handsome small objects for others to love and treasure.

Dawn Tan
Melbourne artist and crafter Dawn Tan is a self-confessed foodie with a penchant for all things yummy and beautifully packaged.

Her work embraces her inspiration with home-cooking, packaging and grocery shopping. Some of which have been translated into large over-sized sculptures, art prints and accessories such as tea towels, aprons, and market tote bags.

Foolhouse is the brainchild of designer Sarah Lamond's inner child. A brand that specializes in eclections. In the style of Edward Lear and his runcible spoon, Foolhouse too has invented its own word to describe it's crafted output. e.clec.tion n - The marriage of not "Owl and Pussy Cat" but ‘Collection and Eclecticism’, awkwardly translating as eclections of artworks and products that make every thought or situation ~an occasion.

She resides in her own foolhouse, an old Californian bungalow in Sydney nowhere near California and sneaks precious moments away from corporate bread and butter to indulge in the foolish gossamer of illustration, wordsmithing and product design.

Grace Teoh
Grace is a freelance illustrator who works mostly with calligraphy ink and gouache. She’s inspired by the swirling artwork of Mucha, the dancers of Degas, and fairy tale illustrations of Arthur Rackham. Other loves include live jazz, Spanish folk guitar, sunshine, warm cafes, saunas and the beach. She is currently working on an illustrated adaptation of "James and the Giant Peach."

Hayden Youlley
Influenced by an appreciation of life’s vast and diverse experiences and the importance of growing and learning from these, Hayden uses the lightness, translucency, mimicry and texture of porcelain to push the material and his skills to their very breaking point to find a convergence of crafting and concept, in perfect synchronicity.

Herbert & Friends
Herbert & Friends is a Sydney-based softie label created by artist Torunn Higgins. Combining her love of nature, fabric and design, Torunn's creations take on a life of their own. Her range of softies brings together an odd collection of friends, from turtles to alpacas and anteaters. These quirky characters get up to all kinds of mischief, and each one comes with a little account of their latest adventure. The creatures are handmade using recycled felt, up-cycled and new cotton fabrics.

Jen Allison
Jen is a Sydney-based artist who works with paper and origami techniques to create little masterpieces. She likes to use origami in a non-traditional way and works with all kinds of paper, or anything foldable, in her practice. Sometimes her works are very conceptual and aim to make a statement, but she also makes gentler, more evocative pieces. She also works with customer's own images to create personalised, one-off works.

Matthew Roland
Matthew Roland is an illustrator, a designer, and very, very tall. He has a penchant for winter-wear, two reversible jumpers, and an incomplete set of encyclopaedias. He draws in pencil and watercolour, or goes all modern on his Macintosh, and enjoys both very much. Matthew hopes you like his work.

Meredith Walker-Harding
Puppet booking agent, hit-and-miss baker, ukelele player, drinker of tea, eater of sweet treats, imaginary party planner, pineapple enthusiast, knitter and maker of things

Narelle Coxhead
I love pattern and textiles, and I am inspired by retro fabrics, from glamorous 1950's dresses once owned by my mum to fun 70’s and 80's op-shop blouses. I originally studied visual arts, but found enjoyable work as a graphic artist, specialising in information graphics and illustrations for the news media. I got back into visual arts when my daughter was little through participating in print portfolio exchanges and in group exhibitions, including; The Firestation Print Studio, Melbourne and T.A.P Gallery, Darlinghurst. More recently I studied Surface Design at ISCD, winning the No Chintz fabric company industry award. I hope to continue exploring the cross-over between these fields - Illustration, graphic design, visual arts and textile design - in my work.

Nia May
My papercuts illustrate a curious, two-dimensional world, foxes, teapots, skeletons, birds and little girls lost. There are no brush strokes or subtle distinctions of tone and shade in this place – only the edge the scalpel creates – evoking a benign kind of humour and wistfulness for the folly and fantasy of childhood. I make them by using a sharp knife while drinking lots of tea; and my house is often filled with confetti.

Olivia Simmons
Olivia enjoys creating handcrafts and working with film photography. She currently lives and works in Germany, and a little of Sydney.

Sheree Evelina
My illustration style is pencil sketch style, most of my drawings are black and white – just pencil strokes on top of a piece of paper. From messy to tidy, from simple doodle to detailed illustration. I love to hand draw as it allows my illustrations to maintain a warmth and feel human. I mostly draw for children and women. When I have to add colour into my illustrations, I prefer watercolour as my sidekick. I also love to add Trompe-l’œil and Borges’ Baroque Illusionism style into my drawings, combining photography, torn papers, typography, water drip, etc. creating a humble illusion that can touch everyone’s imagination.

Whiskers Lane
Jodie Etchells' designs include one-of-a-kind jewellery pieces and accessories handmade with vintage fabrics & felt, Vintage Teacup Candles & more. Hand detail is a love of hers and all of her designs have been carefully made entirely by hand.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

FOOD FIGHT! An art exhibition & publication launch

Food Fight is fast approaching! The Pack a Picnic Edition will launch this Sunday, the 23rd of October, coinciding with the Summer Hill Grand Food Bazaar, for the Crave Sydney Food Festival.

Food Fight is a yearly collaborative exhibition and accompanying publication produced by Sweets Workshop. Food Fight is all about food – pitting image against text, recipe against illustration, photograph against story. We would like to thank all of the artists and writers who contributed to this years upcoming event.

Our list of talented contributors includes:
Emmajane Illustration, John D-C, Anais Taylor, Benconservato, Bethany Carlsson, Cory Child, Dawn Tan, FoolHouse, Grace Teoh, Hayden Youlley, Herbert & Friends, Jen Allison, Matthew Roland, Meredith Walker-Harding, Narelle Coxhead, Nia May, Olivia Simmons, Sheree Evelina and Whiskers Lane

We would also like to thank our sponsors K.W. Doggett and R.M. Gregory printing for their support in producing the 2011 Food Fight Pack a Picnic edition.

Food Fight runs from the 23rd October - 16th November, we hope to see you in the gallery.