Friday, August 19, 2011

Sneak Peek: New artists and artwork

This week we're opening up our exhibition space to introduce some new artwork and artists to the gallery.

Welcome new Artists

Beth Josey
Beth enjoys the challenge of communicating to her audiences in different mediums, taking advantage of the visual impact that each can provide. Dramatic lino prints have become a focus for much of her work. The high contrast and strong lines of the medium create a graphic and raw image that only relief printing can offer.

Although Beth's work refuses to be characterised by a single regimented style, the relationship between the works can always be found in the figurative yet unquestionably strange nature of her subjects and compositions.

Di Conlon
Is retired and likes knitting, she enjoys craft and stuff. A sketchbook is her travel companion. If she could knit and scuba dive, she would.

Jen Allison
Jen is a Sydney-based artist who works with paper and origami techniques to create little masterpieces. She likes to use origami in a non-traditional way and works with all kinds of paper, or anything foldable, in her practice. Sometimes her works are very conceptual and aim to make a statement, but she also makes gentler, more evocative pieces. She also works with customer's own images to create personalised, one-off works.

Little Dot
Sitting in a small living room in the tiny country of New Zealand a little dot of an idea had sparked in the mind of Alice, and Little Dot was born. As she explained it to her husband, Josh,“I want to make stationery that’s like a fashion accessory.” “Why not call it fashionery then?” suggested Josh.The spark fired and grew until Little Dot fashionery included not only beautiful stationery, but hair ties, scarves, card, pouches and of course, Little Dot and Lulu, the character dolls of the Little Dot collection.

New work from some of our favourites
Benconservato (Emma Kidd)
Is an artist / illustrator. She has traveled and lived in Europe and a land of mythical animals. Her heart is still in both, despite loving being back in Australia. She encourages you to find your inner monster.

Beth takes delight in the study of nature. Her approach to figurative illustration combines the fantastical world of her imagination with representations of the real-world flora and fauna. She also loves to draw from her roots as a printmaker and experiments by fusing her illustrations with abstract and tactile imagery. Beth likes to collaborate with other like-minded creatives.

I like my tea with soy and honey – thanks.

Kate Banazi
I am an illustrator and silkscreen printer from London, currently based in Sydney, Australia. I have a BA hons degree in fashion from Central St Martins and am rather deft with a pair of shears, a cotton reel and a slice of cake.

I am brown eyed, right handed and very often melancholy. I am very good at multi tasking.
You will often find me eating, talking, drinking and drawing, all at the same time.
I think I make the perfect Yorkshire puddings, but I am more than willing to try yours

S.P.Y Downunder (Stephanie Lee)
Somewhere in the design world, an independent designer and travel junkie with a background in architecture decided to venture into creating fun things for your home. Memories collected during trips abroad are somehow weaved into the designs, all with a limited colour palette, strong graphical designs, and made with organic materials from sustainable sources. Combined with a love of words and art, a homeware collection was born. All items you see on this website have been brainstormed over hot cups of tea, and made with love.

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