Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Logo Design

Today we worked on designing our company logo. Our goal was to create a typographic logo which was graphic, unique, modern, engaging, bold and instantly recognisable.

Stylistically the typefaces we looked at were a mix of the classic, graceful, stylized and geometric shapes of the Art Deco movement with the unrefined nature of modern hand drawn script styles.

We began by splitting our company name into its two components and explored the use of these juxtaposing type-styles to create an interesting logo design. After a few attempts we decided to divide the word workshop into two separate words, work and shop by using a cleverly placed (and originally purely accidental) line break and hyphen. The use of this simple device helped reflect the nature of our business (as a place of work and a retail shop) through a fun play on words.

Thursday, December 24, 2009


December 23rd was quite an eventful day.
Part 1, Our Development Application was approved by the council.
Part 2, Contracts were exchanged at 3pm.
Part 3, We picked up the keys.
Part 4, Open the door.
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